Heritage House Museum of Montgomery County

The Heritage House Museum of Montgomery County is a non-profit, local history museum dedicated to preserving the history and culture of Montgomery County and making that history available to the public through exhibits, outreach programs, and special demonstrations.

The museum includes in its collection, items that originated in, were used in, or had an impact on Montgomery County during the time period from 1800 to 1975. Among the items in the museum collection are artifacts used in daily life, photographs, letters, and documents relating to the life of Montgomery County Residents during this time period.

Heritage House Museum also has a collection of oral history tape and is adding to this collection as residents record their memories to share with future generations.  In addition, the museum solicits and has on file genealogy materials and family stories of many residents of the county

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Heritage House Museum

819 Luzerne St.
(Intersection of Luzerne Street and Arkansas Highway 27 South)
Mount Ida, AR 71957 

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