Lum & Abner Store & Museum

The stories on the radio that were so busy on the “Lum ‘N’ Abner” program are still busy today – housing the LUM ‘N’ ABNER MUSEUM & JOT ‘EM DOWN STORE.  The Huddleston Store holds the souvenir and gift shop, continuing to offer Lum ‘N’ Abner programs and premiums in addition to antiques and crafts.  The smaller A.A. McKenzie Store that was built in 1904 and was originally across the street, just as the fictional Jot ‘Em Down Store was on the program, has been moved next door and displays the many pieces of Lum ‘N’ Abner history, preserving an important era in American life.

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Categories: Gifts, Household & General Merchandise

Lum & Abner Store & Museum

4562 Hwy 88 W
Pine Ridge, AR 71966