Sweet Surrender Crystal Mine

We will give you a brief lesson on safety and let you know the places where you can and can’t go.  After all this is a commercial operational mine.  You have to know the do’s and don’t’s of the mine.  If you have trouble getting your eye going on finding crystals we will also show you what to look for and answer any and all of your questions.
There are two picnic tables for you to rest and/or eat your lunch.  Some just use them to sit on and talk to other diggers.  Several friendships have been formed at the mine with people trading email address and business cards. 
We even have a honeymoon couple show up on occasions that still come back to the mine for their anniversary.
We do also invite Rock and Mineral Clubs to the mine.  If there are several people in the club we will have extra people come to the mine to help.  These extra miners are their to help answer questions, and to help carry buckets and/or rocks.
Then if you still want more crystal other than what you have found at the mine, we can help there also.  We do sell crystals at a wholesale price clean or dirty.  (we won’t tell anyone if buy them dirty). 
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Sweet Surrender Crystal Mine

269 Cleo Circle
Sims, AR 71970