Digging Danes Mining & Mayberry Crystal Mine

A crystal mining company based out of Mt Ida AR, with a fabrication facility onsite. We have mines in Arkansas and in the Desert Southwest.

Digging Danes Mining Company

204 Laurel Street
Mount Ida, Arkansas 71957 USA


Minerals of Arkansas

We specialize in Arkansas minerals along with other minerals from around the world and custom hand-crafted jewelry. We have been vendors in gem and mineral shows in the surrounding states. Wholesale and retail sales on eBay and Facebook.

Minerals of Arkansas

129 Watkins Ln
Mount Ida, AR 71957 United States

Mother Earth’s Treasures

We are beings in love with beings. Our creations contain the power of love. Caryol is a unique person who puts her heart’s creative force into the creation of each necklace. We have a very powerful desire to enhance the energetic development of all.  My facebook moniker is johngalt407 please friend me it is an extension of our quest to share positive.

Wegner Quartz Crystal Mines

Great place for the whole family, where everyone is welcome and guaranteed to find crystals.

Wegner Crystal Ranch is 218 acres of nature’s beauty surrounded on four sides by the Ouachita Mountains. Spring water feeds our streams and ponds encouraging wildlife. The stone columns a tour gate are built with our quartz crystal. On this ranch we dig, buy, and sell crystals and we invite you to participate. Our warehouse is four floors with over 10,000 sq. ft. of crystals from our mines as well as minerals mined in the United States and imported from around the world. It is surrounded outside by acres of crystals stockpiled for the future. Browse to your hearts content.

But many want to dig their own crystals; it is a special experience. We offer a variety of options, attuned to the ability and interests of different “miners.” So consider Wegner’s as an amazing crystal museum, an opportunity to buy, or fulfillment of your desire to dig. Whatever your preference, please review our website and come on out. Crystal Forest Mine is our most popular activity. This large 40 acre surface mine is regarded highly for its’ abundance of clear crystals that are suitable for jewelry. Quartz Crystal clusters, garden rocks and bigger points are also found here on a regular basis. Collecting at this mine is easy as picking up the crystals exposed on the
surface, especially after a good rain. Or, for those who want a little more challenge and want to try their luck at hard rock mining, there are veins available to you throughout the mine site

Phantom Mine: Guided Adventure
Advance Reservations & Deposit Required
Departure time 8:30 on scheduled days.
Available Tuesdays – Saturdays with required 10 person minimum.
It is home to our world famous Phantom Crystals.
Mine Tailings Collecting Only. $50.00 per person – 4 hours at mine site.

Crystal Forest Mine: Departure times 9:30, 11:30 and 1:30
Two person minimum, $19.00 per person for 2 hours at mine site.
Arrive 30 minutes early for scheduled trips.
Available Tuesdays – Saturdays.
This 40 acre mine produces an abundance of clear quality crystals. Hard rock mining, veins available throughout
the mine site.

Tailings Area: Flat open area filled with tons of quartz regularly to enrich the piles, easy access, drive all
vehicles to the dig area. $10.50 for adults, $6.60 for children 10 & under or senior citizens 62 and older.
Dig all day if you wish.

Gemstone Sluice: 100 ft. long trough, shaded for your comfort. Four grade of pails to choose from.
Collect gemstones from around the world in this activity.

Diamond Experience: Collect 1⁄2 carat plus raw diamonds Guaranteed. $32.00 per pouch.

Gems of the World: $18.00 per pouch collect Amethyst, Emerald, Garnet, Opals and more.

Facebook 4.9 Stars
Trip Advisor 4.5 Stars # 1 Activity in our area
Google 4.6 Stars


Wegner Quartz Crystal Mines

82 Wegner Ranch Rd.
Mount Ida, AR 71957 


Sweet Surrender Crystal Mine

So you come to dig. We will give you a brief lesson on safety and let you know the places where you can and can’t go.  After all this is a commercial operational crystal mine.  You have to know the do’s and don’t’s of the mine.  If you have trouble getting your eye going on finding crystals we will also show you what to look for and answer any and all of your questions.
There are two picnic tables for you to rest and/or eat your lunch.  Some just use them to sit on and talk to other diggers.  Several friendships have been formed at the mine with people trading email address and business cards.  We even have a honeymoon couple show up on occasions that still come back to the mine for their anniversary.
We do also invite Rock and Mineral Clubs to the mine.  If there are several people in the club we will have extra people come to the mine to help.  These extra miners are to answer questions, and help carry buckets and/or rocks.
Then if you still want more crystal other than what you have found at the mine, we can help there also.  We do sell crystals at a wholesale price clean or dirty.  (We won’t tell anyone if you buy them dirty). 
Please call to schedule an appoitntmet.

Sweet Surrender Crystal Mine

288 Horseshoe Bend Rd.
Story, AR 71970 United States


Real Earth Creations

Our rock shop is in the heart of “Crystal Country” in Mount Ida, Arkansas. We  specialize in quartz crystal and other minerals from the Mount Ida area and across Arkansas.  We also have a significant collection of rocks and minerals from across the Americas and around the globe, including petrified woods, fossils, agates and jaspers for cutting, faceting, or tumbling and numerous collectibles.  So whether you are a seasoned rock hound or a casual collector, lapidary or faceter, metaphysical healer or just looking for stones to keep you grounded and focused, we’ve likely got something that will interest you.

Real Earth Creations

3024 Hwy 270 E

Mount Ida, AR 71957 


John Be Crystals

Featuring Arkansas Quartz Minerals and Gifts.

While I do not have a mine, I am a Certified Independent Arkansas Surface Quartz Miner and am available to host guided digging tours (no children, please!). Most of the time, I am on the road participating in club and commercial shows as a dealer, so you can always attend a show and see my ever-changing display in person, or set up an appointment to come to my World Headquarters, just outside of Mount Ida, Arkansas, the Quartz Crystal Capital of the World!


Judy’s Crystals “n” Things

On the corner of Hway 270 and Logan Gap Rd., Judy’s Crystals offers a large supply of crystals and minerals (polished and rough) from all over the world.  And just up the road is their mine, Fisher Mountain Mine, where you can dig your own crystals. Stop by Judy’s for directions.

Judy's Crystals

11 Logan Gap Rd
Mount Ida, AR 71957 

Coleman (Jim) Rock Shop & Crystal Mine

Mine your own Quartz Crystals, $10.00 per day with FREE admission to those 9 years old and under.  Keep all you find, NO extra charge.  Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Our retail shop offers numerous items including high quality Quartz Crystals, Amethyst, Zincite, Onyx, and Jewellery made from minerals.

We offer minerals from around the world and gift items from those same minerals, like bookends, chess sets, vases, mortar & pedestals.

We also have garden rock for landscaping.

Over 110 tables on the outside alone.

Open 7 days a week from 8:00 am until dusk.  Come and see us.

Jim Coleman Crystal Mines & Rock Shop

5837 N. Hwy 7
Jessieville, AR 71949 


Collier Creek Crystals

Family owned and operated Quartz mining company since 1969 in the Ouachita Mountains.  Specializing in absolutely the world’s finest Quartz Crystals.  Wholesale and by appointment only.

Collier Creek Crystals

64 Hurricane Grove Road
Mount Ida, AR 71957