Montgomery County

Mount Ida is the seat of Montgomery County

A unique treasure of the United States, Arkansas’s Montgomery County is a quiet place.  The population density of the county is around 12 people per square mile.

Montgomery County is host to many acres of Lake Ouachita and many miles of shoreline.  You will also find 335,846 acres of the Ouachita National Forest in the county.  Ouachita is pronounced WAH-shi-tah


The National Register of Historic Places lists the following Montgomery County locations:

Arkansas Research and Test Station (ARTS) in Caddo Gap Reganda Springs Trail
34°22′12″N 93°39′57″W
Caddo Valley Academy Complex in Norman Jct. 9th St. and Smokey Hollow Rd.
34°27′21″N 93°40′45″W
CCC Company 741 Powder Magazine Historic District in Norman Forest Service Road 177M, northeast of Norman
34°28′56″N 93°36′30″W
Cogburn Dipping Vat in Black Springs West of Forest Service Road 73, east of County Road 1 south of its junction with Highway 8
34°26′44″N 93°47′00″W
Collier Springs Shelter in Norman Forest Service Road 177, northeast of Norman, in the Ouachita National Forest
34°29′01″N 93°35′33″W
Crystal Springs Camp Shelter in Norman (destroyed by a fallen tree in 2016) Forest Service Road 177 east of Highway 27 in the Ouachita National Forest
34°28′46″N 93°38′17″W
Crystal Springs Dam in Norman Forest Service Road 177 east of Highway 27 in the Ouachita National Forest
34°28′45″N 93°38′15″W
Guinn Dipping Vat in Mauldin South of Forest Service Road 37 west of U.S. Route 70
34°35′33″N 93°40′28″W
Huddleston Store and McKinzie Store in Pine Ridge Highway 88
34°35′00″N 93°54′18″W
Montgomery County Courthouse in Mount Ida (pictured at the top of this page) Court Sq.
34°33′28″N 93°37′56″W
Mount Ida Cities Service Filling Station in Mount Ida 204 Whittington
34°33′23″N 93°38′01″W
Norman Town Square in Norman Bounded by Highway 8 and 8th, Gurdon, and 7th Sts.
34°27′17″N 93°40′49″W
Reeves-Melson House in Bonnerdale Southeast of Montgomery adjacent to a branch of Mazarn Creek
34°26′09″N 93°24′37″W
Womble District Administration House No. 1 in Mount Ida Northern side of U.S. Route 270, east of Mt. Ida
34°32′22″N 93°36′09″W